Friday, December 15, 2017

Holiday Party

The Dynamic Dinos did a fantastic job singing their songs at the holiday party! 

Thanks to all the families for coming and supporting the Dinos!  We hope you had a great time. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

When to keep your child home?

Below please find a few guidelines for you to follow when your child becomes sick.  These guidelines can be helpful when deciding whether or not to keep your child home from school.  They have been put in place to ensure the health and well being of all Burlington students and staff.

☹ Red Light Symptoms: Children don’t attend school!  Fever (100.0 or higher), diarrhea, vomiting,  or sore throat (sore throats could be strep, which is highly contagious).  Children need to be free from these symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.  If a child is taking an antibiotic they need to be on it for a full 24 hours before returning to school.  Also, red or pink itchy eyes with crusty and/or green/yellow drainage should be evaluated by a physician -- child may return to school the day after he/she is examined by a physician and treatment has begun.  If your child has any type of flu symptoms (fever, chills, body aches, low energy) please keep them home from school.  The nurse also has the discretion to send a student home with a rash of unknown cause that needs physician evaluation and clearance to return to school.

• Yellow Light Symptoms: Children could or could not attend school; you need to use your best judgment.  If your child has cold symptoms and you feel they should go to the doctor, please keep them home from school. If your child has a runny nose that is green and thick or a severe/hacking cough, they should stay home.  If your child has a bad cold, has no energy or requires any type of medicine to get through the day, they should probably stay home.  Remember, children are not available to learn if they aren’t feeling well.

☺ Green Light Symptoms: Children can attend school. Your child has allergies and has a clear runny nose or mild cough. Your child has been sick but is feeling better and has been fever-free for 24 hours (not taking fever-reducing medication).  If your child has been sick and has been put on an antibiotic, they must be on the antibiotic for a full 24 hours plus fever-free for 24 hours (not taking fever-reducing medication).

We request that you call your child in sick if they are going to miss school.  Please include in your message what is wrong with your child.  This is helpful for us to track different types of colds, viruses and infections going around.  If your child has had a fever or is contagious, i.e. strep, please call your Nurse’s office.

Burlington Early Childhood Center
Jessica Gearin, MEd., BSN, RN 781-273-7622
Absentee Line 781-270-1808

Presenting Family Projects

Thank you to all the families for taking your time to put together pictures to put on your child's family project.  

Each child got to sit in front of the class and share their project and family.  They were all very proud of their family and their work! Thanks again! 

Family Unit

The Family Unit has begun!  

November 6-November 10
Stories:   Full, Full, Full of Love
               Apples and Pumpkins

Small Group Activities: Memory Game
                                       Pumpkin Size Sort
                                       Setting the Table

November 13 - November 17
Stories: Bunny Cakes
             Yoko's Paper Crane
             There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Turkey

Small Group Activities: Apple Tree, Cut and Counting
                                       Thanksgiving Shopping List
                                       Sequencing Bunny Cakes
                                       Sharing Families 

November 20 - November 22 
Stories: The Great Turkey Race
              A Carp for Kimiko

Small Group Activities: What are you thankful For? 
                                        Turkey Hats


Harvest Soiree

The Dynamic Dinos had so much fun on their harvest Soiree!! 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Farm/Harvest Unit

The Dynamic Dinos have been enjoying the first unit of the year, The Farm/Harvest Unit! 

Week One October 2 - October 6 

Stories: Eddie's Garden 
             Farmer Duck

Small Groups: Painting Apples
                        Apple Names 
                        Finger Painting a Tree
             Choice Time:  Stamps 
                        Water Table
                        Pet Vet
                        White Boards

Week Two: October 9-October 13

Stories: The Little Red Hen
  Eddie's Garden
             Farmer Duck

Small Groups: Animals on a Farm Book - 2 day activity 
                        Counting Carrots

Choice Time:
Water Table
Pet Vet
White Boards

Week Three October 16 - October 20 

The Little Red Hen 

Small Groups: 
Colored Leaf Sort 
Frederick Positional Book
Colored Shapes Sort

Choice Time:
                            Birthday Party
Finger Painting Corn
Textured Sheep

Friday, September 29, 2017

Week Three

September 25 - September 29

Small Group Activities: 
Brown Bear, Brown Bear Color Book
September Name and Portrait 
Cutting Activity
Small, Medium, and Large Dino Sort

Choice Time Activities: 
Trains on the rug 
Kitchen Area
Water Color Painting
Shaving Cream 
Sand Table 
White Boards

The Dinos had another great week of school!! We are having so much fun and are learning something new everyday!

Reminder: Back to school night is October 10 at 6:30pm.